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Depending on your trademark's particular requirements, there are a number of different suppliers that can help set up and execute a licensing strategy. If you'd like Brand Licensing to help you find the service you need, then please complete the enquiry form.

Typical services you might need include

A Licensing Agency

There are a number of licensing agencies that specialise in corporate trademarks. Some will work on a commission of the revenue they generate, others will require a fee and commission. Before appointing a licensing agency, review this article or the library for articles on this topic.

A Brand Licensing Consultancy

Licensing and Branding are closely intertwined, a brand licensing consultancy can help make sure that your licensing strategy and your brand strategy support each other

A Design Agency

Licensors are responsible for the consistent look of licensed products. To smooth this process, many brand owners invest in a licensing style guide, or pass all packaging and advertising design work through one selected agency.

Trademark Lawyer

Licensing contracts are a very specific part of intellectual property law and an experienced licensing lawyer will have knowledge of the latest clauses to ensure your trademark is protected. A good trademark lawyer will also be able to advise you about the requirements when it comes to registering your trademark.

Marketing/Advertising/Pr Agencies

Many licensing programmes have a central marketing fund to which all licensees contribute. This allows for one central Marketing agency to manage all communications and advertising.

On-line Agency

A web presence, and potentially an on-line store is a vital way of increasing your licensed product's sales.

Retail Consultancy

Licensees are unlikely to generate significant revenue unless they achieve multiple retail distribution. Occasionally they require assistance to get over this first hurdle.

Forensic Accountants and Royalty Collection Agency

Licensors are reliant on their licensees royalty reports and the best way to ensure that these are accurate is with the veiled but credible threat of an audit. Before you get to an audit, you'll need to be organised about how you manage your royalty collections. For more information visit:

If your service is not included in this list please email:

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