Brand Licensing - A website dedicated to helping corporate brandowners understand and make the most out of brand licensing.

Brand licensing is the outsourcing of a brand's NPD in exchange for a small share of revenue and 100% of brand equity.

Sophisticated brand managers are increasingly recognising brand licensing as more than just a way to exploit a trademark.

The purpose of this website is to promote licensing as a marketing discipline and demystify the process of launching a licensing programme.

From here you can:

  • Review relevant services and search for useful contacts
  • Read through a library of explanatory articles
  • Put out a request for proposal to specialists in corporate brand licensing



"Brands are rejuvenated by new products matching new needs, not by advertising."

Jean Noel Kapferer


"A brand can take some risks. A strong brand is resilient and can stand some extension ..., especially if the extension has some degree of separation."

David Aaker

Building strong brands


“In a surplus society, in which people are condemned to freedom, brands reduce uncertainty. ... Anything can be branded.”

Funky Business


Golden Goose brand licensing consultancy

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