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Licensing Trends

Pan-European Licensingnew

How to make the most of licensing across Europe Read more

Written by:Adam Bass, Golden Goose

Power up your licensing

Learn from succesful licensing programmes Read more

Written by:Adam Bass, Golden Goose

The future of retail

How will your brand survive the new retail ecology Read more

Written by:Adam Bass, Golden Goose

A five year licensing plan

A year by year summary of how to build a licensing programme Read more

Written by:Adam Bass, Golden Goose

The Truth about Collecting Royalties

What they don't tell you when you're starting a licensing programme Read more

Written by: Kingfisher Collections

What can go wrong

Why some licensing programmes are best left unstarted

Written by:Adam Bass

The Winner Takes it All

Why leading brands should be looking at licensing

Written by:Adam Bass

Licensing the whole brand

How to avoid hiding your licensed products under the desk Read more...

Written by: Adam Bass

Licensing in a downturn

What happens to licensing agreements when the market gets tough. Insight from the US Read more...

Written by:Cara K. Bernosky

Thinking of licensing

Why are more and more corporate trademarks looking into licensing? How do you make a case internally? What sort of work does licensing involve? Read more...
Written by: Adam Bass

Why licensing is like sex

An article that uses a good-old-fashioned, cheap-and-nasty reference to sex but still reads pretty well

Written by: Adam Bass

Food for thought

In the US food licensing is increasingly common and brands are moving into some unusual categories Read more...

Written by: Cara K. Bernosky

How much for the brand license?

How much is a brand license worth?

Written by:Kirk Martensen

Why is the growth of private label leading to more licensing?

Why private label growth is putting even more pressure on brands to go into licensing Read More...

Written by: Kirk Martensen

Recent observations about inbound licensing new

Why licensing needs to be looked at from a 360-degree perspective Read More...

Written by: Todd Donaldson

Working with Licensees

Standard terms of a licensing contract

Here's a template showing some of the standard clauses of a licensing contract.

Written by: Adam Bass

A licensing vocabulary

What's the difference between a licensor and a licensee? What's a minimum guarantee? What's a royalty? This basic guide will help you learn to speak the language of licensing Read more...
Written by: Adam Bass

Appointing a Licensing Agency

Does your brand have what it takes to be a Licensor

readthis piece about the ingredients your brand needs to make it in Licensing

Written by: Adam Bass

Some thoughts on agency remuneration

Stephen Reilly of IMC discusses this thorny topic

Written by: Stephen Reily

How licensing can get you ahead of the curve

How does licensing intersect with your other departments? What are the first steps you should take when planning a licensing campaign? This article, adapted from a talk at the recent Brand Licensing Expo, explains how to make licensing a part of your marketing campaign from the point of view of a brand licensing consultant. Read more...

Written by: Adam Bass

Appointing an agency

One of the biggest decisions you'll ever make is your choice of licensing agency. Here's a quick guide to the roles you and your agency will play, and the typical key clauses of a licensing agency contract. Read more...

Written by:Adam Bass


Whose brand is it anyway?

An article on why manufacturers have to think like brandowners

Written by: Adam Bass

Branding 2.0

An article about how old brands can learn from the new on-line brands

Written by: Adam Bass

To ask or not to ask

An article about using market research

Written by: Adam Bass

The Convergence of branding and product innovation

this thoughtful piece sums up the problems of developing products which add to brand equity

Written by: Erik Roskam Abbing

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